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There are 8 billion people on this planet. Each with a voice that needs to be heard.

One of those people is YOU.

We can help you to find your voice, speak better and serve your purpose.

Helping children to grow and develop confidence

Children in Superhero Costumes Playing with Megaphones

Coaching for children

1 to 1 sessions for children to build speaking and interaction skills.

Children Dancing

Weekend workshops

Group sessions for children to develop confidence and communication skills.

Students Inside a Classroom in the School

Class participation

Coaching to participate in class discussions and answer questions with confidence.

Empowering adults to achieve personal success

Confident mid adult businesswoman speaking to audience

Coaching for adults

1 to 1 sessions for adults focusing on individual speaking needs.

Team Meeting

Speaking at work

Ensure your voice is heard and contribute at meetings - get noticed!

Job interview

Job interviews

Ace the interview and get your dream job! Answer questions with ease.

Helping businesses to improve communication

Business Conference
Powerpoint business presentation and presenter with graph
Corporate Office Buildings

Conference sessions

Slide design

Company coaching

Keynote and conference speaking including presentation skiils.

Increase the impact and effectiveness of your message.

Working with businesses for better leader and team communication.

Designing a speaking experience

We work with you to design a unique speaking experience for you as the speaker and for your audience, your listeners.

We will help you make the most effective use of your speaking space to deliver an amazing experience for you and your audience - no matter where you are speaking or presenting.

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Public Speaker at a Conference
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Speaking Coach


Raminder has been a practicing barrister for over 20 years, having worked in both chambers and private practice.

Over the years Raminder has represented clients facing serious and complex charges and has developed strong advocacy skills. Making effective representations in court to ensure a favourable outcome for her clients, Raminder has learned how to keep her audience captivated and focused.

Speaking with impact and purpose requires a mental toughness and tenacity which Raminder has consistently demonstrated throughout her career.


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Talking Titans
When you speak your mind, speak it with passion
Public Speaker Giving Talk


Speaking Coach


Harpreet has 20 years of public speaking experience including having served as President of Canary Wharf Toastmasters.

He has presented at a variety of public speaking events throughout the UK including conferences, workshops and professional organisations.

Harpreet is a change practitioner and has delivered complex change within private and public organisations. A key part of this success has been Harpreet's ability to win hearts and minds through his persuasive and motivational speaking.

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Talking Titans

How we are supporting the local community

A Classroom Scene

After school club

We provide free support at a local school to enable pupils to learn public speaking skills for both primary and secondary students.

We believe it's important to empower the next generation with a strong and confidant voice to build their future.

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The mission

Speaking with impact and purpose requires belief, discipline and practice.

The more you speak the better you become.

We work with you to develop a programme that is unique to you, because everyone is different.

No matter what your level of experience we will help you to develop your skills and confidence to deliver exceptional speaking experiences for your audience.

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07769 156 565

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